Anita Ahenakew - Director of Ahtahkakoop Child and Family Services


ACFS is committed to maintaining the unity of families as a core program value. In order to achieve this goal the ACFS team recognizes it must continually enhance and build improved preventative and support services for the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation membership. ACFS will ensure its governance, organizational development, human resources functions and business practices are aligned and complementary to the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation integrated program and business planning strategy. The ACFS team will facilitate community engagement activities designed to inform, educate and motivate the community toward a future where all member families are whole and well.


  • Maintain the unity of families by providing enhanced family preventative and support services.
  • Human resource excellence:
          - ACFS will recruit, retain and develop a succession plan;
          - ACFS will provide learning and training to its employees to enhance competencies and professional development;
          - ACFS will ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, program partners and contractors through the development and          enhancement of safety protocols, occupational and safety guidelines and procedures;
          - ACFS will seek to recognize and reward its employees both intrinsically and extrinsically.
  • Community Engagement-ACFS will promote community well-being by initiating proactive program outreach initiatives in areas that    include home visits, child assessment and case development planning.
  • Improve and develop innovative approaches to ensure and assure the maintenance and growth of secure and loving foster home care     by improving standards, providing adequate resources and consultation models.
  • ACFS will provide timely, transparent and accountable financial and program reporting processes and documentation.
  • ACFS will create and maintain a confidential data base to track, report on and measure file review activities, compliance requirements     and evaluation processes. ACFS will report on such data to its Board of Directors and Chief and Council. Off-reserve files will be    included in the data gathering process to ensure full reunification of all Ahtahkakoop families.
  • ACFS will undertake an organizational review to examine policy and procedural considerations and alignment.
  • ACFS will strive for jurisdiction within the Child Welfare Act and FSIN Family Support Act. Furthermore, it will ensure Ahtahkakoop    leadership and membership are consulted, informed and educated with regard to jurisdiction and program implications within these    acts.
  • ACFS will contribute to, participate in and act to deliver upon the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation strategic, business and management goals    and objectives.
  • Vision Statement

  • Strong, prosperous families and community with safe and healthy children.

    Mission Statement

  • To ensure the well-being of our children and families by providing protective and preventative support services.


    Finance Administrator
    Cheryl Sanderson
    Finance Assistant
    Rhonda Thomas
    Administrative Assistant
    Tracy Genereaux
    Family Finder
    Cheryl Bird
    Joanee Genereaux
    Investigator/Intake Worker
    Patricia Ledoux
    Case Supervisor
    Virginia Ledoux
    Joyce Nayneecassum
    Case Worker
    Clayton Sasakamoose
    Case Worker
    Lisa Sasakamoose
    MSS Off-Reserve Worker
    Valerie Williams
    Family Enhancement Worker
    Donna Kay

    The words of the Elders provide the standards of child care and child rearing practices.
    First Nations children are on loan from the Creator. Their lives and thoughts have special meaning and significance and they are to be treated with care, love and respect.
    First Nations children have a right to understand and interact in their own language, culture and community.
    First Nations children have a right to the gifts of the four directions and to the full development of their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical lives.
    First Nations children have a right to Kinship Care and their extended family.
    Service Delivery Program
    Community Education and Awareness
    Community Healing Initiatives
    Teen Parents
    Elders (guidance and support)
    Parent Aide
    Family Violence Program
    Traditional Programming
    Wrap Around Family Support
    Protection Services Intake, Investigation, Emergency Care/Place of Safety, Court Process & Court Ordered Assessments
    Other Programming Family Festival, Pre-School Party, Gift Certificates, Natural Parents Camp, Caregiver’s Outing.


















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