Austin Ahenakew - Band Administrator

Last Spring, Chief and Council directed the administrative team to lead and facilitate strategic and annual business planning processes. The elected leadership believe that cyclical and integrated organizational planning will systemically deliver the vision for the people of the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation. The membership will have an annual opportunity to review and consider strategies and actions being contemplated and to assess and measure what has been done. The 2012 Annual Report represents our best efforts in delivering on this initiative. The report is designed to be informative and transparent in business, program and financial operations. Planning systems are viewed as essential by government, industry and many public institutions that measure success by an organization's ability to execute and provide transparency.

Our journey began by examining specific and relative data generated by Statistics Canada in the 2006 Census. This census provided Ahtahkakoop with baseline data to develop its goals and implement measurable objectives. The census is a common planning instrument used by government and others to plan policy direction and budget allocations. Accordingly, Ahtahkakoop utilized Sask Trends Monitor to detail and interpret its community profile data contained within the 2006 Census Report. The community profile revealed that a Call to Action is urgently required to address some disturbing trends.

The statistics are revealing: 42% of our families are single-parent which has doubled in the past decade; 53% of our children are school-age yet only 21% have post-secondary education and 59% have not completed high school. A downturn in formal education attainment creates and unacceptable net result of a 37% unemployment rate.

These are not issues we can tackle alone. We need to maximize and channel existing and new resources and foster new alliances and partnerships to change these negative trends. We can move forward by taking stock of current realities and by committing to a sustained plan of action. An annual strategic and business plan represents the first critical step in a process to greatly enhance fiscal accountability, build strong governance and grow program and service competencies.

We believe that actions and measurements will lead us toward real and attainable goals. We believe Ahtahkakoop can grow its capacity and competitiveness by growing knowledge and developing expertise. We believe it is people working together towards a common vision who will deliver on the promise and potential of the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation.



Director of Finance
Dean Albert
Director of Health
Darlene Arnault
Director of O+M
Ronald Ahenakew
Director of Housing
Barry Sasakamoose
Director of Education
Diane Peekeekoot
Director of Justice
Eric Ahenakew
Recreation Coordinator
Stanley Sasakamoose
Administrative Assistant
Lanny Ahenakew




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