Neil Ahenakew - CEO of Economic Development


In recent years Ahtahkakoop has focused its efforts and resources toward the improvement of community infrastructure and growing its local enterprises. This important and necessary work provides the foundation for Ahtahkakoop to take the next step in becoming a key player in building a strong, revitalized and sustainable economy. The Economic Development Team will fulfill ten key business objectives in 2010. These objectives are designed to focus the energy, resources and people around the delivery of results and to streamline efficiencies and improve the delivery of customer services. We look forward to a future in which the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation becomes an investor and owner in Saskatchewan’s booming resource sector and economy.



  • Continue to build a successful and profitable Economic Business Development operation.
  • Continue to build a safe and secure business and work environment.
  • Deliver and improve efficiencies in customer services.
  • Be leaders in professional conduct and product knowledge.
  • Build functional and developmental human resources management excellence in recruitment, retention and succession planning.
  • Review, refine and implement effective controls and reporting systems.
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement in infrastructure and facilities maintenance.
  • Become business ready.
  • Market our strengths and capacity to attract new business opportunities
  • Capitalize on business opportunities.
  • AC Developments
    Marisa Warzecha Finance Controller
    James Isbister Accountant
    Melanie Genereaux Data Entry Clerk
    Leslie Ursulak Secretary and Janitor
    General Store
    Elmer Masuskapoe Jr. Supervisor
    David H. Masuskapoe Jr. Supervisor
    Terrie Ballantyne Clerk
    Cynthia Little Clerk
    Sheena Little Clerk
    Stephanie Little Clerk
    Anita Starblanket Clerk
    James Starblanket Clerk
    Frank Bowman Security
    David W. Masuskapoe Tire shop supervisor
    Corner Store
    Todd Ahenakew Manager
    Sandra Peekeekoot Clerk
    Ryan Peekeekoot Clerk
    Ahtahkakoop Bingo
    Gerald Tait Manager
    Natalie McAdam Cashier/Floorwalker
    Chris Benjamin Cashier/Floorwalker
    Rodney Sasakamoose Cashier/Floorwalker
    Brody Genereaux Cashier/Floorwalker
    Edwin Johnstone Security
    Eldon Isbister Caller
    Ashton Masuskapoe Janitor
    Marilyn Tait Cook
    Leslie Ledoux Cook
    Dorothy Ahenakew Manager
    Joshua Ahenakew Cook
    Patsy Benjamin Cook

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