Diane Peekeekoot - Director of Education


Ahtahkakoop must renew and grow its efforts to increase student participation and retention rates. First Nations youth will have a competitive advantage in the new economy but only if we invest our focus and resources on providing our children with the academic credentials and learning behaviours needed to succeed in post secondary learning institutions. Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation must look to innovative approaches in education and leadership development to ensure it maximizes its human resource potential. Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation must also look to the parents of the community to work with educators and community leaders in setting new educational horizons for their children. It is our mutual obligation and responsibility to instill in our community a perpetual commitment to increasing formal education goals and to foster a proactive culture that embraces and celebrates learning as a life long journey.




  • The Education Team will create a baseline database related to its senior student in Grades 10 to 12 performance in categories that    include attendance, curriculum and access to post secondary institutions. This baseline data will enable the Education Team to establish    goals and benchmarks in 2012 and beyond.
  • The Education Team will enhance current financial reporting systems and identify and access new funding sources for existing and new    education initiatives.
  • The Education Team will continue to provide a nutritional program for all students.
  • The Education Team will ensure that the Treaty teachings are delivered in the classrooms from K to 12.
  • The Education Team will ensure that an education communication strategy is developed and customized to harmonize with that of the    Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation.
  • The Education Team will promote formal education, lifelong learning and employment development to assist the youth to meet their    maximum potential and contribute to the future needs of their community.
  • The Education Team will lead and facilitate the retention and revitalization of the Cree language through an expanded Cree Language    and culture program.
  • The Education Team will facilitate the integrated strategic objectives by contributing participating and acting in accord with    Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation’s service and program delivery management team.

  • Instructor List
    Ashley Martin Grade 12
    Bonnie Yew Grade 11
    Lee Morin Grade 10
    Jamee Boyer Grade 9
    Chris Watson Grade 8
    Marcy Whitefish Grade 7
    Lavina Gardiner Grade 6
    Adrian Joseph Grade 5/6
    Jacynda Ballantyne Grade 4/5
    Audrey Salahub Grade 4
    Robyn Arroyo Grade 3B
    Marvel Ahenakew Grade 3A
    Glenda Scrimshaw Grade 2B
    Alice Magee Grade 2A
    Cheryl Morin-Jobb Grade 1B
    Ramona Badger Grade 1A
    Sandy Belair Kindergarden
    Blanche Little Cree Instructor
    Nathan Jefferies Nursery

    EA List
    Audrey Ahenakew EA
    Blair Ahenakew EA
    Caitlin Campbell-Ahenakew EA
    Teala Ahenakew EA
    Candace Henderson EA
    Kelsey Graham EA
    Hugh Little EA
    Charlene Masuskapoe EA
    Jody Masuskapoe EA
    Diane Peekeekoot EA
    Staff List
    Shaun Sasakamoose Principal
    Charlotte Campbell Vice-Principal
    Iona Ahenakew Receptionist
    Trina Thomas Student Mentor
    Myrna Bird Head Custodian
    Randy Masuskapoe Custodian
    Sandra Sahpwassum Custodian
    Donald Isbister Maintanence
    Jenica Felix Science
    Vanessa Ahenakew Reading Catalyst
    Randolp Burak Industrial Arts
    Tina Campbell Home Economics
    Lorna Little Librarian
    Wendy Watrin Math Catalyst
    Cynthia Thomas Special Ed

    Bus Drivers
    Brian Little 468-2959
    Gregg Ahenakew 468-4647
    Stanley Masuskapoe 468-2311
    Kenny Hyman 468-3003
    Clarence Melbouf 468-3105
    Wallace Williams 468-3038
    Collin Ahenakew 468-3229
    Marvin Genereaux 468-2355
    Sonny Ahenakew 747-0492

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