Barry Sasakamoose - Director of Housing


The supply and maintenance of residential housing is a key priority for all First Nations communities. The cost of home construction and maintenance continues to escalate at a rapid pace. First Nations communities are experiencing unprecedented growth in youth demographics and this trend impacts the numbers of people living in single family dwellings. The reality is that cost and not need determine new housing starts and the shortage of family homes will continue to be critical for most First Nations communities now and into the future. Housing programs will continue to be challenged to do more with less. It is within this environment that the Ahtahkakoop housing team will focus its efforts in 2010. Our business plan will deliver a review of housing policy provisions and compliance; improved business processes to manage costs and maximize efficiencies for its supplier and contractor services. The housing team will also enhance best practises in property maintenance; Management will prepare community housing projections; promote and develop on-site trades training and the development of asset inventory and asset management protocols. Housing management commits to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees. Housing management will ensure program activities and financial reporting requirements are timely and transparent. Community engagement efforts will invite the membership to join the team in its efforts to instill a new community housing philosophy. The philosophy we propose recognizes that shelter is a benefit, that we share responsibility for property maintenance and that the people of Ahtahkakoop take pride in community appearance.


  • Explore alternatives in financial sources and funding provisions, undertake a housing policy review and employee, client compliance    requirements to ensure superior property maintenance initiatives.
  • Implement supplier and contractor business process improvement to manage costs and create maximum efficiencies.
  • Prepare a plan that will address existing and future housing needs for the community.
  • Develop housing policy and procedures that reflect privilege, responsibility and pride.
  • Recruit, retain and develop housing experts; and provide learning and training opportunities for Ahtahkakoop people to improve and    develop competencies and skills to fill these roles as experts.
  • Enhance and improve programs and develop and expand trades apprenticeship training to journeyman training.
  • Enhance financial and asset inventory reporting, procedures and accountability.
  • Contribute, participate, and act to develop and implement the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation management objectives and all strategic and    business planning processes to do with housing and related issues.


    Housing Clerk
    Becky Ahenakew
    Housing Assistant
    Jeffery Sasakamoose
    CMHC Maintenance Worker
    Leo Masuskapoe

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