Fletcher Greyeyes - Justice Coordinator


The Justice Business Plan for 2013-2014 will focus on the expansion of core justice program components; the future enhancement of community justice services and facilities and a community engagement process to provide information and gather ideas for innovative alternatives to policing matters and youth at risk. The justice services team will look at enhancements to the court worker, fine option program and community restorative justice models. In tandem with other program data gathering initiatives, justice services will build program capacity to measure contributing impacts on offending behaviours.







  • To conduct an organizational and program review with the intention of creating operational and program efficiencies within existing    justice programming.
  • Ideas for innovative approaches to community justice, policing matters and youth at risk. Measure contributing impacts of offending    behaviours for youth at risk and build program capacity to address alcohol and substance abuse as a casual effect.
  • Examine all feasibility aspects for the development of an Ahtahkakoop Peace Keepers program.
  • Community engagement provide information and gather.
  • Develop both a short term and long term facility plan. The plan will consider current and future operational requirements of an    enhanced justice services model for the community.
  • Facilitate human resource excellence by ensuring employees develop the competencies and learning required to lead and facilitate all    aspects of community justice programming. Management will also develop a succession plan.
  • Provide the community with an enhanced court worker, fine option program.
  • Provide timely, accurate and transparent reporting.
  • Prepare a discussion document that considers the human and fiscal resources required to implement at comprehensive community    restorative justice4 initiative. This model should include mediation and circles.



    Court/Fine Option/CSO Worker
    Eric Ahenakew
    Peace Keeper
    Ron Isbister




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