Membership lands clerk: Belinda Nelson

                                                     Phone: 306-468-2326 ext: 268


  • To administer the Inidan Registry and Band Lists Program in accordance with Section 11 of the Indian Act.
  • To ensure records pertaining to the Indian Registry and Band List for Ahtahkakoop are accurate and maintained in accordance to the    directives of the Indian Registry Reporting Manual and Policies.
  • To conduct investigative genealogical research through archival material, census records, vital statistcal records, church records, etc,. in    support of applications for registration as a status Indian or Band member.
  • To establish an efficient and effective event reporting system for documents gathered over the month.
  • To maintain and carefully examine the supporting documents(i.e birth, death, marriage certificates, etc.) to determine their acceptability    for registration purposes.
  • To check all pertinent details with the Indian Registry Aministrators of other Bands before reporting an event affecting those Bands and    by sending them a copy of the documents submitted to the department to those Bands.
  • To review applications for Inidan Status
  • To issue status cards to registered Indians in accordance with departmental policies and procedures
  • Coordinate land leases, maintains up-to-date registry of contractual agreements, ensures current information pertinent to land use.

    Membership Documents

      (Click on the PDF)
    Application for Transfer
    Band Transfer Request Form
    Bill C-3 Gender Equity Amendments (Part A)
    Bill C-3 Gender Equity Amendments (Part B)
    Adult Registration Application
    Child Registration Application
    Application for a Marriage Certificate
    Application for a Birth Certificate
    New Registration Number form
    Application for Social Insurance Number
    Treaty Annuity Payment Request Form

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