Ronald Ahenakew - Director of Public Works


The Public Works mandate is the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities for Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation. Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all community owned facilities including building and grounds maintenance, cleaning and security services. The department is responsible for schools, canals, dams, pipelines, water, sewer, roadways, signage, and bridges. Public works is accountable for equipment and other asset management. The 2010-2011 business plan addresses proposed efficiencies in property and community planning, project construction and operational and capital asset management. Key action items include enhanced operational and financial transparency, implementation of human resource best practices, and the development of a user and materials database. Public Works will develop an operational and financial plan to identify alternative and sustainable revenue solutions for operations and employee development subsidies.






  • Public Works will conduct business with enhanced operational transparency and financial accountability.
  • Public Works will improve and enhance its human resource excellence by undertaking job evaluation, training, skills certification to    ensure the delivery of quality workmanship.
  • Public Works will enhance and improve its preventative maintenance program. This will be implemented by developing a database and    a review of management practices. These procedures will improve efficiencies in financial accountability processes and occupational    health and safety.
  • Public Works will examine alternative and sustainable approaches to generate revenues to subsidize and enhance services.
  • Public Works will collaborate with administration and finance to develop both a short term and long term financial and operation plan.
  • Public Works will implement human resources excellence strategies in recruitment, retention and succession planning.
  • Public Works will contribute to and enhance the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation communications strategy.
  • Public Works will refine and renew program and employee accountability processes for its asset inventory. A management protocol will    include employee compliance requirements.
  • Public Works will contribute, participate and act to facilitate and implement the integrated management objectives and all strategic and    business planning processes and requirements.
  • Review community infrastructure plan with Chief and Council to identify and prioritize recommendations.


    Plumbing & Heating
    Emil Ahenakew
    School Maintenance
    Donald Isbister
    Arena Custodian
    Dean Genereaux
    Plumbing & Heating
    Leon Masuskapoe
    O+M Supervisor
    Wilson Masuskapoe
    Brock Peekeekoot
    Grader Operator
    Dallas Peekeekoot
    Garbage Pickup
    Ben Ahenakew
    Water Treatment Plant Operator
    Donald Sasakamoose
    Mavis Benjamin




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