Stanley Sasakamoose - Recreation and Culture Coordinator


The business focus and key objectives in 2010-2011 will build capacity in: volunteerism, coaching and officiating development, and athlete development with a multi-sport, cultural, and recreational agenda. New program development and activities will be sustainable and adequately resourced. Collaboration and participation in major, intra or inter-tribal events to celebrate sport, culture and the arts are fostered and encouraged. Program personnel will prioritize youth activities for pre and post classroom and week-end timelines.








  • Build community capacity in volunteerism, coaching certification and cultural legacy traditions.
  • Create partnerships and alliances to build a strong recreational and sport program.
  • Collaborate with community organizations and other First Nations institutions, communities and organizations to maximize sporting    development opportunities.
  • Collaborate with facility and program managers to complement existing program youth activities.
  • Prepare an interim plan to identify, utilize and secure existing resources to provide youth and children with after school, week-end    and holiday activities in sport, recreation and culture.
  • Link with education on a First Nations holistic learning models to develop a life and sport application.
  • Build a sport wellness model that is stable and sustainable.
  • Engage the youth to “take ownership”.



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